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Job Type


About the Role

At our studio, we will provide you with a range of Spine tasks from various projects that align with your skills and interests. As you work with us, we will identify the areas in which you excel, such as VFX, environment animation, or rigging, and tailor your tasks accordingly to help you focus on your strengths and achieve your best work. Our goal is to support your growth and success as a Spine artist.


  1. Strong understanding of animation principles

  2. Portfolio showcasing skills in Spine

  3. Spine Pro license

  4. Experience working in Photoshop

  5. Ability to work remotely

  6. Minimum of 2 hours to a maximum of 6 hours daily work availability

About the Company

As a team of dedicated Spine animators, we are dedicated to producing exceptional content on a daily basis and constantly striving to improve and evolve our skills. Our commitment to excellence sets us apart and enables us to deliver top-quality work to our clients.

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